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PT. Dwieta Jaya Indonesia

PT Dwieta Jaya Indonesia is a company engaged in the export distribution of spices and cassava to various countries. With a wide market share, we provide high quality products derived from Indonesia's rich natural resources.

Become a leading export distributor in the spice and cassava industry, creating a global footprint as a trusted provider with high quality standards.

  1. Provide superior quality spices and cassava products that meet international standards.
  2. Developing long-term partnerships with local producers to ensure the availability of quality raw materials.
  3. Ensure environmental sustainability in the supply chain with sustainable agricultural practices.
  4. Provide excellent customer service with a focus on customer satisfaction and delivery reliability.
  5. Spreading the values of fairness and welfare in business and community relations.
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Discover the Essence of Indonesia through Our Premium Spices and Cassava Products. Explore Our Commitment to Quality and Sustainability—Your Culinary Adventure Begins Here.

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Explore a World of Authentic Flavors with Our Premium Spice Blends and Cassava Delights. Elevate Your Culinary Creations

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Excellent Quality

High-quality products processed to international quality standards.


Committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.


Presenting innovative products and spice blends to meet global market trends.

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Dwieta Jaya shallots bring a delicious touch and distinctive aroma to every dish. Selected from the finest shallot farms, our products deliver the fresh and alluring natural delicacy of shallots.

Product Advantages:

Superior Quality:
Dwieta Jaya shallots are known for their superior quality. Harvested at the right time to ensure unparalleled tenderness and fragrance.

Purity and Cleanliness:
Each shallot bulb goes through a rigorous selection and cleaning process to ensure purity and hygiene, so you can enjoy high-quality shallots without any hassles.

Practical Packaging:
We provide shallots in convenient packaging that is easy to use, saving time and effort in daily cooking preparation.

Experience the Genuine Scent of Shallots:
Our products retain the authentic shallot aroma, bringing an authentic touch to every dish.

Support Local Agriculture:
As part of our social responsibility, we support local farmers by purchasing shallots from local sustainable resources.


Dwieta Jaya garlic is the ultimate choice for adding natural delicacy and distinctive aroma to your every dish. Carefully selected from the best garlic farms, our products guarantee high quality that will meet your culinary standards.

Product Advantages:

Purity and Freshness:
Dwieta Jaya garlic is known for its purity and freshness. Harvested at the peak of ripeness to ensure high quality and unparalleled fragrance.

Practical Packaging:
We serve garlic in convenient packaging, making it easy for you to add garlic flavor to your everyday dishes.

Distinctive Scent of Garlic:
Our products retain the distinctive aroma of garlic, giving authentic character to a variety of dishes.

Quality Assured:
Each bulb of garlic goes through a rigorous selection process to ensure only the best reaches your hands.

Versatile for Every Recipe:
Dwieta Jaya’s garlic is suitable for all kinds of dishes, from stir-fries to grilled dishes, giving every bite a special touch.


Dwieta Jaya chili peppers are the ultimate choice for heat lovers who want high quality and diversity in their culinary experience. Meticulously harvested from the finest local plantations, our chilies bring a unique warmth and delicacy that gives a new dimension to every dish.

Product Advantages:

Tempting Flavor Intensity:
Dwieta Jaya chili peppers are known for their tantalizing intensity of spicy flavor. We ensure that every chili we offer delivers a spicy sensation that meets the highest quality standards.

Quality Assured:
Carefully processed and packaged, each chili goes through strict quality control to ensure cleanliness, wholesomeness, and flavor stability.

Variety of Chili Types:
From fiery red chilies to fresh green chilies, we provide a wide variety of chilies to meet different culinary tastes and needs.

Preserved Freshness:
We prioritize freshness. Dwieta Jaya chili peppers are harvested at optimal ripeness, so each package locks in the chili peppers’ natural moisture and flavor.

Sustainable Agriculture Support:
As part of our commitment to sustainability, we work closely with local farmers, supporting environmentally friendly farming practices and empowering agrarian communities.


Dwieta Jaya spices are the perfect blend of Indonesia’s rich nature and superior quality. Carefully crafted from the finest spices, our products bring exquisite fragrance, flavor and color to every dish.

Product Benefits:

Unique Spice Blend:
Dwieta Jaya spices create a harmony of flavors with a combination of selected spices. Each blend is designed to provide an unforgettable culinary experience.

Premium Quality:
With high quality standards, our spices deliver consistent flavor intensity and aroma. Carefully processed to maintain the authenticity of each spice seed.

Choice of Spice Variety:
From intense black pepper to sweet cinnamon, we offer a wide range of high-quality spices to meet the needs of different types of cuisine.

Sealed and Practical Packaging:
Our products are neatly packed in sealed packaging, preserving the freshness and quality of the spices until the moment of use.

No Additives:
We take pride in serving pure spices with no added chemicals. The authenticity of natural flavors is preserved, giving you full control over your cooking creations.


Dwieta Jaya cassava is the perfect choice for foodies who value quality and deliciousness. Harvested from the finest cassava fields, our products promise authentic flavors and enticing textures to satisfy your diverse tastes.

Product Advantages:

Superior Quality:
Dwieta Jaya’s cassava is known for its superior quality. Selected at optimum ripeness to deliver unparalleled tenderness and flavor.

Modern Processing:
Using the latest processing technology, we ensure each cassava product retains its natural deliciousness and maximum nutritional value.

Wide Range of Cassava Products:
Available in various forms, from fine cassava flour to crispy cassava chips. Choose the product according to your taste and needs.

Practical Packaging:
Our products are neatly packaged in practical packaging, making it easy to use and store for your convenience.

No Harmful Additives:
We are committed to serving pure cassava with no added harmful chemicals, giving you confidence in every serving.

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